Best Sex Toys For Couples

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got some ideas for gifts that both you and your lover can enjoy! Below are some of the best sex toys and products that we offer for couples.



We-Vibe Sync

Sync™ is designed to be enjoyed with a partner during sex. She gets powerful stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot and together, you both share the vibe.


JimmyJane Form 2

The FORM 2’s bunny head shape contains two motored clitoral stimulators located within the toy’s “ears.” These flexible stimulators can be molded and squeezed around the clitoris to promote stimulation in every conceivable way- and it also feels pretty good against the penis!

Wicked Aqua

Wicked Aqua Collection

If you aren’t already, take sex to the next level by using lube. There are many different lubes to choose from, so try Wicked’s Aqua collection. There’s heating lube, cooling lube, and different flavored lube!

TorLelo Tor II

TOR™2 (a couples’ ring, sometimes called a cock ring) is a consistent bestseller, and a great introduction into sex toys for men. It is compact and stretchy, providing exactly that with a pleasure object perfect for enhancing and extending pleasure for both partners. It is perfect positions that are more up close and personal, such as missionary or when sitting in a lotus position, whether you wear it above or below the shaft of the penis.


Hitachi Magic Wand

The Magic Wand Rechargeable pleases with the same, strong, penetrating vibrations as the Original and comes with a silicone head, 4 intensity levels and 4 great vibration patterns. Use to massage each other’s sore muscles before experimenting down below.


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