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How can we vibe together?
Vibrators aren’t just for solo play anymore! The world of couples’ toys has exploded in the last few years and they are an excellent way to spice things up. While a couple can use any kind of vibrator together couples’ vibes are specifically designed to be used by a duo. Some vibes are designed to provide internal and external stimulation while a couple is getting it on. Others are designed to be controlled by a partner while the other partner is across the room or across the world. The options are limitless!


Massage & Foreplay
Foreplay is one of the most important components of sex and it can easily be overlooked. Massage can be an incredibly intimate, relaxing and erotic experience for couples. Using different types of massage oils such as lotions, massage candles, kissable or edible massage oils and warming or cooling oils are a great way to incorporate different sensations. Edible body paints are also a fun way to share sexy messages with your partner!


Strap-On and Play
Strap-on toys can provide hours of hands-free fun for you and your partner. Strap-ons can be worn by a male or female and used on a male or female! Start by picking out the type of harness you want. There are many styles, colors and even fun patterns to choose from! Then decide on your dong. Dongs come in all shapes and sizes and can provide new sensations.


Performance Enhancers
We’ve all been there… you’re in the mood, but it’s just not happening! Supplements are a great way to get you in the mood, increase stamina, focus and have a longer lasting erection. Performance enhancers offer a wide range of benefits including tingling sensations that get your blood flowing to libido enhancers that get you in the mood quick!


Fifty Shades of Kinky
So, you want to get into the cool position you saw in a magazine, but you need a little help? No worries. Bedroom gear is here to help. Bedroom gear will help you and your partner achieve positions you never thought would be possible. By providing support to your body or your partner’s, you’re able to maintain positions for longer without fatigue.


Choosing the Best Lube
Proper lubrication is so important for a fun play session with your partner! A lack of lubricant can be uncomfortable to incredibly painful. All couples need to have some form of lubricant on hand no matter their age! Water-based is the most universal because it can be used with sex toys and it’s easy to clean up. Silicone-based lubricants are great for backdoor or sex in the shower or bathtub. Warming and cooling lubricants are a fun way to have his and hers pleasure on the spot!


Safer Sex is Sexy!
You should always be prepared to get busy no matter your relationship status. Condoms are a great option for couples to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs. Condoms now come in a large variety of shapes, textures and lubrication types. Grab a multipack to explore all of your options. Dental dams are one of the only options for protection when it comes to oral sex on her.