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  • What our customers say

    My hubby & I have been shopping here for more than 5 years now. Two words; clean and professional.

    Elicia L. (Kirkland, WA)

    So I was a little hesitant coming into the store being a sex shop and all, but upon entering I was greeted by an awesome employee who made me feel super comfortable and relaxed about everything.

    Jahmad B. (Long Beach, CA)

    I went over to the most embarrassing area of the shop & immediately the store associates had the most perfect approach & answers to exactly what I needed. She didn't even flinch. the women had no embarrassment in her repertoire.

    Mary J. (Tukwila, WA)

    I want to just say how comfortable one of the cashiers made my husband and I feel when we came in. I usually am nervous coming into these types of stores, but the cashiers greeted us with a smile and knowledge of new products.

    DeAnna C. (Dallas, TX)

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