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Five Tips for Awesome Anal

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Five Tips for Awesome Anal

With so much information about what's great about anal, it can be overwhelming. Here are our Five Tips for Awesome Anal!

Get Ready


If you’re planning ahead, eat light, wash your booty, grab your favorite anal toys, condoms, gloves, wet wipes, a towel, and of course your favorite lube.



Get in the Mood


The more turned on you are the more receptive you will be for anal play and penetration. Play with other erogenous zones. Try lots of genital stimulation and even have a clitoral orgasm or two before you go to the back door.



Get Wet 


There is no skimping on lube when it comes to pleasurable anal play. We recommend Pjur’s exceptional lubricants, specially formulated to make your most sensitive areas slick and supple: 


Pjur Backdoor Glide Water - This water-based lube is long-lasting, moisturizing and works great with toys! 


Pjur Med Sensitive Guide - If you are sensitive to the ingredients in other lubricants this one might be the perfect pick for you. 


PRO TIP: We recommend doing a patch test when trying any new lubricants or oils before you begin to use them liberally.


Pjur Analyse Me Anal Glide - This specially formulated anal lube contains relaxing jojoba for comfort without numbing. 


PRO TIP: We Do NOT recommend numbing lubes. When you can’t feel what’s going on you can’t tell if you’re doing any damage!


Pjur Woman Silicone Lubricant - Specially formulated for the female anatomy this lube is great for both vaginal and anal play.


PRO TIP: Do NOT go back to the vagina after playing in the booty. Use condoms or gloves and change them out, or designate a hand for each if you want to stimulate both. 



Go Slow


There is no need to rush when you are going into these very sensitive areas. Ease in and let the receiving partner decide on how much pressure to start. As things get going you can always ramp things up. But if you start too hard and fast your play may be over before the fun even begins.  



Relax, Breathe, and Enjoy 


The more you can stay in the moment and let go the more pleasure you will receive. Now go on and have some awesome anal! 



Join us at Lovers Stores for our FREE Anal Play: Basics and Beyond Workshop on July 18th at 7 pm to learn so much more about making your anal play the best ever. 


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