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Anal Pleasure Tips

Anal Pleasure Tips

Anal penetration is a commonly practiced form of sex. It can seem daunting, and taboo, however, anal can also be one of the most erotic experiences you can have. Don't fear - love your rear!

If you are curious about anal play, however, are not sure how to approach the act, here are some ways to get yourself ready for a sensual experience. 


1.) Talk About It

Have a conversation with your partner before you engage in any sort of anal play. Make sure that all parties involved are enthusiastically consenting to an act that can be pleasurable for everyone. If you are unsure about if it is something you would like to enjoy, try it out by yourself first. Purchase a small anal plug, or anal training kit, and see if it is something that you would like to explore. And if it's not, that's okay!  


The most important thing is to know where you and your partner's boundaries are and that everyone is on board with the activities. 


2.) Prep Work 

One of the main reasons people are hesitant to participate in anal play is... well... poop. People are curious how the area from where we defecate is also capable of being an erogenous point. If this is the main concern, you can always clean yourself. Use mild soap and warm water, or you can try CalExotics Ultra Douche. This nifty tool is great for ensuring your anal cavity is ready for playtime. 


Another concern is that it will be uncomfortable, or even painful. It's important to note that any form of penetrative play should not be painful. If it hurts, that's your body's signal that you could be injured. Many times, injuries are caused by tightened muscles preventing penetration. An orgasm is a great method of relaxation for the receiving player. It will relax the muscles so that you can enjoy backdoor performances. 


3.) Anal Stimulation

To gauge if you or your partner is comfortable with anal, it is good to do subtle stimulation. An oral performance is a good opportunity to try rimming. If you are uncomfortable with rimming, you could also try anal beads. A great product to use is Lovers Anal Vibrator This not only is an anal bead toy, but it also is a vibrator. The vibrations can help relax your anal muscles.


Finally, lubrication is key. Your anal canal does not naturally lubricate, so choosing a lubricant that works for you is important. Pjur's Backdoor Glide Anal Lube is a great option for those trying new anal lubes. You can play with different cooling and warming lubricants; Wicked has some great options. They can create different pleasing sensations for each player. There is a bountiful selection of lubricants, so if you have any concerns as to which you should choose, we talk about it in our previous blog, How to Choose a Lube.



1) Penetration should never hurt. If you are feeling pain, STOP! Your body could be telling you are about to injure yourself. 

2) Lubricants are your friend. Since your anus does not self-lubricate, it is important to use lubricants. This not only aids in pleasure but also prevents micro-tears to your anal tissue.

3) Remember your partner's boundaries. Confirm if you are just exploring anal sensations or completely immersing yourself in anal play. Knowing your partner's boundaries makes for a safe and pleasurable experience. 


  1. Mistress Chyna Vixxen Mistress Chyna Vixxen

    I find pleasure in giving my naughty subbies a bit of pain back there, ironically they tend to get more pleasure from it. Now that's what you call being really Anal about things. Happy Anal plugging everybody, enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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