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Guide to Finding a Vibrator

Guide to Finding a Vibrator

Choosing a vibrator can be a daunting experience. There are so many toys available - plus, many of us have been conditioned to have shame around masturbation and orgasms. Never fear, Lovers is here to help!






We want to help you feel more confident in knowing what products might work for you, and what types of vibrators are available. We'll look at some versatile toys that are great for masturbation, and can also be a fun addition to sex with someone else. Check out our video for even more recommendations.


Did you know that having better orgasms through masturbation can help you have better orgasms with your partner? Knowing your body and what turns you on can help you communicate what you want, and relax into what feels good when you're having sex.


There are many different ways to orgasm, but we'll focus on two commonly discussed types of orgasms: clitoral and g-spot. We have lots of toys that focus on those pleasure spots.



Lovers Wonder Wand

This type of wand is great for every body type. the wand head covers a lot of surface area and we designed the Wonder  Wand to be compact and strong. You can use this on the clitoris or the shaft of a penis. 

This is our take on the traditional slim compact vibrator. This vibe is ideal for clitoral stimulation. It's also a great addition for partner play. Try it during oral sex, on the nipples and it travels very well!

Lovers Pretty Little Thing

Womanizer Premium

The crown jewel of clitoral sex toys. It's different from a vibrator because it uses air pulsation technology to stimulate the experience of oral sex. This toy is what you need for an amazing orgasm.  

It's got it all - the clitoral stimulation and a pulsator. This means it thrusts in and out. Plus, the curve at the tip helps to stimulator the g-spot for an amazing g-spot orgasm. This is also a great tool if your partner is too tired after they finish you can keep going. 

BiStronic Fusion

Lovers G-Lite

This is great for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. If you are interested in practicing squirting, this has that come-hither motion that stimulates the g-spot. 

This is the toy that was made famous in an episode of Sex and the City - the Naughty Bunny is our take on the coveted rabbit vibe. It's a dual action vibrator that is both insertable and has a flexible tip to stimulate your clitoris. The internal portion is soft and supple, so it hugs every curve. 

Lovers Naughty Bunny

Lovers Panty Whisperer

This is the ideal toy for orgasms on the go. This vibe is designed to slip into the front of the panties. Then, hand the remote to your partner for a tantalizing session anywhere (think Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth.)

Say hello to one of the best-selling couples vibrators of all time. It is built to be shared. It's worn both internally and there's an external portion that stimulates the clitoris. Now you can get both g-spot and clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex. Wear it under a harness so you can enjoy sensations while pegging your partner.

We-Vibe Sync




We also recommend using a toy cleaner with a quick warm water rinse after use. This helps get rid of the extra lube and bodily fluids that can leave them sticky. Make sure your toys are dry before storing away so they're ready for the next use. If you're sharing toys, make sure to use a barrier (like a condom), only share toys that can be sterilized, or only share with a fluid bonded partner.


All bodies are different, and all bodies are valid. We want to help you find your greatest pleasure. No matter what you desire - we've got you covered.  And if you're interested in all the different types of vibrators we carry, see our Vibe Guide


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