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Kink 101 - Beginner's Tools for Play

Kink 101 - Beginner's Tools for Play

After having a meaningful conversation with your partner, you are ready to start exploring what tools you'd like to use to act out your wildest fantasy!

When exploring different tools to use in your erotic fantasies, always keep in mind the ground rules. Remember, this is an experience for both the dominant and the submissive. 



Magic of the Blindfold


This simple device can drastically change your experience. When your partner is blindfolded, they have to focus on their other senses. This is where you can play with taste, smell, touch and sound. Try warm massage oils or cool ice cubes for temperature play. Even the everyday sound of your partner undressing will be exciting!


Blindfolding adds a heightened sense of anticipation and vulnerability. Humans rely primarily on sight, so the submissive is unaware of what you are doing until you touch them. Every kiss you give has the potential to be a surprise.




Sensual Bondage

There are several different ways to tie up your partner. But first, the rules!


1) Never leave a restrained partner alone. Anything can happen, if you fall and are injured in another room, you don't want your partner resorting to gnawing a limb off to free themselves. 


2) Don't leave your partner restrained in a stressful position for long. Give them frequent breaks depending on the position. Losing circulation in a limb may  result in a trip to the doctor's. 

Silky sashes feel great against the skin and are easy to tie and untie. These sashes are 4 feet long - so you can artfully wrap the wrists or ankles of your partner and leave the ends free to trail over your partner's body. Check in with your partner to make sure they are in a comfortable position. 



Impact(ful) Play

After mastering the first two, and you are ready for more intense play, gentle spanking should do the trick! In this area of kink its all about location, location, location. Spank your partner with your hand, or tool of choice, in the most padded places. Partners can enjoy the loud SMACK without pain. 


Best Places - Anywhere protected by fat or muscle. Ideal is the butt or outer thighs.


Never Spank - Anywhere with important nerve endings or vital organs. Never spank the neck, near the kidneys, the spine, face, head, tailbone or hip bones. 


Feather ticklers are a great intro tool to kink. The soft feathers give sensual sensations and is easy to use. Gently run the feathers over your partner's body. Alter between long luxurious strokes and small circles over their erogenous zones. The business end of the feather tickler is a wide leather riding crop. This is a beginner piece to use when introducing impact play. The smack won't feel sharp, but the flexibility of the leather adds heat. 




Always start out slow and work up to hitting harder. You and your partner are still learning. This is a great opportunity to discover your partner's boundaries. A bonus - it's incredibly sexy to hear your partner admit they want you to smack them harder. 


Vary where you smack your partner and how hard you hit. This will reduce discomfort so impact play can last longer and is more exciting. 


Tenderness after spanking is a huge part of erotic play. Holding your partner after an impact session, and tending to the areas that may sting, can be powerful bonding and arousing experience for both. 


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