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Tips and Tricks for Great Oral

Tips and Tricks for Great Oral

Oral sex is a coveted activity that many aspire to perfect. However, everyone is different, so what works best? Here’s our guide to giving the best oral.

Before we jump into our tips, it is important to know that everyone’s body is different so the first tip for giving amazing oral is to pay attention to your partner. Learn how your partner’s body likes to be touched and stimulated. If you are receiving, make sure you communicate when you are enjoying the activities.





Natural body smells are normal (and sexy) but if you feel the most comfortable being squeaky clean when engaging in oral, take a shower with your partner. Get the fun started by exploring each other’s bodies and warm up for later activities.



Be Present


The biggest downfall of any sexual encounter is being stuck in your head. Worrying about your partner enjoying themselves, if they’re comfortable or worrying about the email you didn’t send at work is not sexy.


Immerse yourself in your partner and bring the same energy during oral that you would when engaging in penetrative sex. Allow yourself to be turned on by the sight, sounds, and movements of your partner.





Explore your partner’s body! Start out your foreplay slow; lick, kiss, stroke, and tickle every inch of your partner’s erogenous zones. Trail down (or up) until you reach your partner’s genitals. By the time you reach your destination, they’ll be begging for more. Or, try our Oral Sex Dice, and see where it takes you!



Amplify Your Senses


If you’re concerned about your partner’s taste (or your own), try out Wicked flavored lubes. Select your favorite flavor, or mix and match to make your own enticing combo (like strawberries and vanilla or caramel and apple.)


Another trick is to introduce a blindfold or some light bondage. Put a blindfold on your partner and restrain their hands and feet. Your partner being restrained coupled with the loss of sight will heighten their other senses. They won’t be able to focus on anything else except what your mouth is doing.


  1. Rebecca Burton Rebecca Burton

    I wanna know what would just make my partner shake to go crazy he could not stand it anymore without making him ejaculate.? Drive him so crazy all he can think about is us and us only.?;) This sound fun and interesting.

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