Fun Factory - Laya II
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Fun Factory - Laya II

Fun Factory - Laya II

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This sequel is better than the original! Fun Factory gave the Laya some improvements for even better playtime experience with the Laya II. The deep, rumbling motor provides quaking vibrations that will rock you to your core. The Laya II is contoured to fit your shape and covered in supple silicone for optimal comfort. With 24 vibration combinations, your pleasure is catered to you. The best part, the memory chip will save your favorite setting to back to again and again. 

The Laya II is an excellent entry level toy for players looking to explore clitoral stimulation, however, it has plenty of power for an erotic expert. This vibe offers a variety of clitoral and vulvar stimulation options. The Laya II is also an excellent tool to introduce into couple's play. 

Add it to oral play (fellatio and cunnilingus) or used to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex, which helps enhance orgasms. To turn up play time, pair with a water-based lubricant. Even more exciting is a heating or cooling lubricant. After playtime is over, simply wash your Laya II with a toy cleaner and a warm water rinse. 


Laya II is the new edition to a global bestseller
Ergonomically designed
Travel lock function
Simple controls
Discreet vibrations
Made of silicone
Measures: 4 in x 1.6 in 
USB Rechargeable 
Water-based lubricant safe 



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This is one of my first vibrators, and I honestly really like it!
Its simple to use with plenty of vibration settings, and there's a lot of room to get a bit creative with it! You can use it as its advertised (as a "lay-on" vibrator), or prop it with a few pillows and ride it, or use the vibration on other spots on your body.
It took me a few tries to find a way to use it that I like, but now that I've found that, I'm going to use it a lot more cause damn does it feel really good.
Only critique: it doesn't have a very obvious "point" where the vibration is strongest, so it can take some adjustment and moving to find it, which is the main reason it took me a few sessions to find the best way to use it for my body. Plus I was new to using vibrators at all, so had no real idea what I was doing yet.


It's strong, and reliably satisfies me I really like how easy it is to use, and how it looks. It covers more area than a little bullet toy and the vibrations feel deep. I also tried it on some tight muscles in my neck and it helped. This might sound weird, but it's also really easy to hold. Some toys make my hand or wrist tired (LOL) but this doesn't. That lets me stay focused on orgasming.


This was originally a purchase to get myself off, but I used it with my husband and it was amazing!!! It fit between us perfectly and felt so good for both of us. I had one of these 10+ years ago and the design is so much better now. The material feels way better, and it's even stronger than the one I had. Love it!! I totally recommend this.

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