FUN CUP Explorer Menstrual Cups - 2 Pack
The sinking feeling of realizing your tampon or pad adjusted when you were sleeping or moving around is no fun. Fun Factory's FUN CUP eases your worry. 
Studded Paddle
Take impact play to a new level. This Studded Paddle is made of dense rubber for more weight behind your swing. 
Come Hither Rabbit
Come Hither's two-finger motion caresses and massages the G-Spot with two independent motors for more stimulation and added pleasure. Seamless, body safe silicone material provides a soft to the touch feel that sets it apart from other toys.
Liberator Jaz Sex Position Pillow
Practice improvisation and create perfect harmony with your soul mate. With Jaz, you'll hone your technique and never play the same song twice.
Black Bondage Rope
Its the beginner's tool to any BDSM pleasure chest, and can be used by all players, no matter if they are an advanced player or a novice. 
Kimono MicroThin XL - 12 Pack
Thin enough to enjoy every back-arching sensation and strong enough to withstand the most vigorous activities. Kimono's Microthin XL Condoms are perfect for those who find condoms restrictive. 
Flirt Soft Blindfold
Cover your partner's eyes in luxury with this soft and comfortable blindfold. This is an excellent starter piece to your kink collection. 
Pjur Woman Nude Water
Intensify your pleasure with this personal lubricant you are sure to love. Pjur Woman Nude Water can be used to hydrate your skin or a massage oil after as a long day in the office. 
Pjur Analyse Me Glide Water
Here's a way to have great anal play without a sticky mess. Pjur's analyse me! is great for those who want the most intensive backdoor action.
Pink Silicone Lube 2.8 oz
Looking for a superior quality, silky smooth silicone blend lube? Pink is the perfect choice. Made with a three-molecule silicone blend, and formulated with added botanicals of Aloe and Vitamin E, this body-safe hypoallergenic blend will feel great during
Pjur Med Soft Guide
Have play-time with yourself or with a toy, even if you have dry, sensitive skin. This water based formula is made for those with dry and very sensitive skin.
Pjur Med Natural Glide
Modern lifestyle products for the health-conscious players - Pjur's Med Natural Glide is perfect for those who want to indulge their intimate side alone or with a partner. 
JO For Women Agape Cooling Lubricant
Agape is personal lubricant designed to mimic a woman’s natural lubrication. This new and improved water-based formula is free of glycerin, glycol and parabens; ideal for individuals who are ingredient driven in their purchases. Plus the incredibly light
Scented Spongettes
Everything you love about the Spongelle kits, but in a compact size. The Spongettes are ideal for travel and are perfect for vacations, business trips or the gym. 
Radiant Amber Shimmer Gift Set
Shine bright like a diamond! This Radiant Amber Shimmer gift set is great for adding a little shimmer to any outfit... or have it be your outfit. 
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