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Saucy Schoolgirl Skirt
School is back in session! Give your spouse a tutoring session in this little schoolgirl skirt. Also available in plus sizes!
Liberator Fascinator Throw
Save your sheets for sleeping. Liberator's Fascinator Throw will give you peace of mind while you get a piece.
Fleece Lined Ankle and Wrist Cuffs
This is the next level cuffs you'll need for your toy box. The elegantly designed black leather is made of real cowhide for an exquisite touch to your BDSM play.
Liberator Esse Sex Chair
Discover all the ways you can play! The Liberator Esse Sex Chair opens a world of possibilities for you and your lover to discover new pleasures. 
Liberator Bed Buckler Restraint & Cuff Kit
Enjoy your bondage fantasies anywhere at any time. Liberator's Bed Buckler Restraint and Cuff Kit is designed to be easily transported so you can live out any erotic scene when you want!
Pride Power Play Plug
Enjoy an artisanally designed toy in your pleasure chest. The Pride Power Play Plug is designed after the Leather, Latex and BDSM Flag.
D-Play With Me: Provocative Play Kit
All the fun you need, all in one kit. The Play With Me: Provocative Play Kit is a great starter pack when learning about your partner's pleasures and limits.
D-Play With Me: Mischievous Play Kit
All your pleasure, all in one kit. The Play With Me: Mischievous Play Kit is a great starter pack when you need a little punishment.
Shilo Dildo
A dildo you can both pack and play. New York Toy Collective's Shilo Dildo is flexible enough to pack discreetly throughout the day but can be ready for play at any time. 
Her Royal Harness - The Queen
A harness that is fit for a queen (or king.) Her Royal Harness - The Queen is designed to be a fit for all bodies!
Her Royal Harness - Regal Queen
For the players whose desires are larger than life. Her Royal Harness - The Regal Queen is designed to be a fit for all bodies!
Her Royal Harness - The Empress
Prepare yourself for indulgent pleasure and premium probe play truly fit for royalty with The Empress. Her Royal Harness has a form-fitted design for performance and comfort!
50 Ways to Tease Your Lover
For the players looking for a little spice to their life - 50 Ways to Tease Your Lover is the game you need to change up playtime. 
Posture Collar
Simple, yet oh so lavish. This Posture Collar is a real leather collar your consenting sub will beg to wear.
Saffron Ping Pong Paddle
This is a classic in any BDSM pleasure chest. This Saffron Ping Pong Paddle is a beautifully crafted tool for when correcting your sub's naughty behavior. 
Saffron Loop Paddle
Your consenting sub may end up being naughty on purpose if it means getting a sweet punishment from this Saffron Loop Paddle.
Saffron Square Paddle
Add this to your passion armory - Saffron's Square Paddle has an easy to hold the paddle, which provides a nice firm smack.
Saffron Thigh Sling
This is the tool you need in any pleasure chest. The Saffron Thigh Sling allows you to guide and control your sub into any position you desire.
Saffron Love Strap
Pull your partner in for a more fulfilling play session. Saffron's Love Strap offers support and control when having fun with "from behind" positions.
Saffron Leash & Collar
Sometimes, you gotta keep 'em on a tight leash. This Saffron Leash and Collar connects to your consenting keeps you in control.
Saffron Ball Gag
Render you sub speechless during any scene. The Saffron Ball Gag is an elegantly designed restraint that is both pleasing to look at and comfortable to wear. 
Saffron Gauntlet Cuffs
If regular cuffs aren't enough, but you don't want to keep your companion captive in a full sleeve, try these Gauntlet Cuffs!
Saffron Cuffs
Being tied up has never been more fun! Featuring a daring red color, these Saffron Cuffs are what you need to make your evening a night to remember.  
Oh K Pleasure Balls
Take your kegels workouts to a new level with Oh K Pleasure Balls. They are tiny and mighty; these pleasure balls are designed for intermediate players and up.
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