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Lite-Line Flogger
When you consenting sub deserves a punishment, give them a naught smack with this Lite-Line Flogger.
Ball Gag Set
Silence is golden, which makes this the last ball gag set that you'll need. This set has interchangeable attachments; a rubber ball and leather o-ring. 
Buffalo Flogger
When you consenting sub deserves a punishment, give them a naught smack with this Buffalo Flogger. The Buffalo-style gives this flogger more weight, which means more powerful blows.
Basic Blindfold
Deprive your senses with style and comfort. This basic blindfold is anything but. The supple leather is lined with natural sheep shearing for a comfortable fit.
Metal Cock Rings
Meet the ringleader of sex toys - the cock ring! This set of metal cock rings provides varying degrees of intensity and options for your number 1. 
Cock 'n Ball Crusher
This is not for the faint of heart. The Cock 'n Ball Crusher provides numerous variations of cock-and-ball torture.
Labia Spreader
Time for full exposure! This labia spreader is a great addition to your humiliation play, doctor roleplay or any other wicked fantasies you want during playtime. 
Studded Paddle
Take impact play to a new level. This Studded Paddle is made of dense rubber for more weight behind your swing. 
Suppressor Gag
Get up close and personal with Masters Suppressor Gag. The adjustable harness fits over the mouth and is reversible to cater to your desires.
Ball Gag with Clamps
Add this to your BDSM pleasure chest. This Ball Gag with Clamps is ideal for players looking to enhance roleplay. 
Chest Harness
One for all - this attractive chest harness has three adjustable buckles to ensure a flattering fit on a range of female-bodied persons.  
Full Sleeve Arm Binder
Take your scene, and your sub, to the next level. This Full Sleeve Arm Binder will make sure that your consenting sub is keeping their hands to themselves!
Strict Leash
Sometimes, you gotta keep 'em on a tight leash. This Strict Leash by Masters connects to your consenting sub's collar and keeps you in control. 
Strict Male Chastity
Caging the beast has never been more exciting. This chastity belt stokes sexual energy as you build the anticipation for your sub's release.
Masters Young Forceps
Add a little medical play to your BDSM kit. These young forceps are designed to give the dom control over sensations for the consenting sub and take medical play to a whole new level.
Masters Speculum
Add a little medical play to your BDSM kit. This speculum is designed to give the dom an inside look to the consenting sub and take medical play to a whole new level.
Golden Girl
Just blow her up and granny is good to go! She will keep you company over dinner, drinks or at night. 
Snake Bite Crop
This Snake Bite Crop is not for the blushing beginner. An erotic expert will enjoy the stinging impact play that this crop provides.
Crystal Crop
Indulge in your wildest whims and gratify your deepest fantasies. The Crystal Crop is the ideal bondage sex toy for those nights your sub needs a good spanking. 
Fantasy Doll - Kitty
Your fantasies can come true! She moves from her head down to her toes - Kitty is designed to inspire intimate pleasure and fulfill your fantasies. 
Dragon Tail Crop
Experience the tantalizing sting of a Dragons Tail or wear it. The narrowed tip of the tail gets those hard to reach places your typical paddle can't, which is excellent for impact play. 
Tawse Small Crop
Turn up your impact play! Tawse Small Crop is a great silicone option for your crop collection. The silicone coating transmits energy like no other. 
Rhinestone Cat Ears
Shine bright like a diamond with these Rhinestone Cat Ears and matching collar. 
Latex Bikini Panty and Pasties
If you every wondered about the fun that latex brings, slip these on. This sexy Brazilian bikini bottoms and pasties are a great start to your latex collection.
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