On Arousal Oil Original
Awaken your clitoral nerve endings with a drop or two of this potent botanical formula. On Arousal Oil's ingredients help increase blood flow creating more excitement, sensation, and desire. It can help you have better or more intense clitoral orgasms, an
Dickalicious Gel
The name says it all for this Dickalicious Gel! This penis arousal gel is perfect for play! Spread it on, lick it off and watch your lover grow wild with excitement!
Cheeky Apples Glide
For the sweet-toothed players, Intimate Earth created their Cheeky Apples Glide for your oral pleasure.
Handipop Handjob Massage Gel
Let your hands work their magic to give him a special lap massage he will never forget! This playful potion is also sweet to taste and turns him into your favorite piece of candy at the end of the message.
Coochy Skin Brightener
Treat yourself to this intense moisturizer, designed to heal dry skin and dark spots - even in your most sensitive areas. Coochy Skin Brightener is great for your intimate parts, armpits, and even knees!
Tush Tease Anal Stimulant
Your anal endeavors have been taken to new heights. Increase the thrill of booty play with Tush Tease.
Oh Wow Tightening Gel
Turn up the intensity and add new sensations to playtime with Oh Wow - a vaginal stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
Pure Instinct Roll On Cologne
Only the highest quality of pheromones are used in this rich combination of rare fragrant essential oils. This fine fragrance is light and sensual, it's not made to be overpowering so you can wear it alone or combine it with your favorite cologne.
Tease Massage Oil, by DONA
Entrance your lover with DONA Scented Massage Oil. Our love-struck blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones and intoxicating aromas will leave skin beautifully scented and irresistible to the touch.
System Jo Nipple Titillator - Winter Blitz
Add a playful spark to your sensual encounters with JO Nipple Titillator. This stimulating gel starts tingling on contact to excite your desire, boost sensation and increase your pleasure. Made with a proprietary formula of natural ingredients, JO Nipple
Oh Gee G-Spot Gel
Awaken your senses and delight your deepest desires with Oh Gee - a tingly g-spot stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
Naughty Nectarine Glide
For the sweet-toothed players, Intimate Earth created their Naughty Nectarine Glide for your oral pleasure.
Blow Me Oral Sex Gel - Electric Mint
Make oral a treat for everyone! Blow Me Oral Sex Gel makes sex even more fun with it's smooth, lubricious formula and tantalizing Electric Mint taste.
System Jo Clitoris Stimulation Gel - Atomic
System JO Clitoral Stimulant Gel is formulated to promote sexual sensitivity in women, resulting in a gratifying orgasmic response.
Erotic Massage Oil
Start off the evening right with a sensual massage. This erotic massage oil is ideal for soothing aching muscles and leaving your skin soft and supple.
System Jo Women - Agape
Jo Agape has the same silky feel and qualities of the other JO lubricants but without silicone, glycerin or oils. It is specially formulated for women with sensitive skin.
Love Massage Lotion, by DONA
Seduce the senses with DONA Scented Massage Lotion. Our silky blend of aphrodisiacs & pheromones and supple aromas will leave skin beautifully scented and irresistible to the touch.
Oh My Warming Clitoral Stimulant
Ignite your senses and add new sensations to love button play with Oh My - a warming clitoral stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
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