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Sex Chocolates 8 Pack
These gourmet chocolates are chock full of aphrodisiac herbs, Sex Chocolates stimulate the senses and leaves you wanting more, more, more!
Ultra Douche
Have a good time while feeling clean as a whistle. This anal douche has exceptional value without a lack of quality.
Tush Tease Anal Stimulant
Your anal endeavors have been taken to new heights. Increase the thrill of booty play with Tush Tease.
Insane Arousal Warming Gel - Rum
Embrace the rush of heat from Insane Arousal Warming Gel. This Hot Butter Rum flavored moisturizing lubricant not only warms but creates the sensation of movement.
JO Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Cream
Enhance foreplay and touch sensation with our newest stimulant addition JO Warm & Buzzy. A dual acting topical stimulant. This water-based cream provides a thrilling combination of warming and buzzing sensations. Apply a little during foreplay, toy play o
Blow Me Oral Sex Gel - Berry Burst
Make oral a treat for everyone! Blow Me Oral Sex Gel makes sex even more fun with it's smooth, lubricious formula and tantalizing Berry Burst taste.
Discover G-Spot Arousal Gel
Turn up the heat and discover ecstasy! Intense G-Spot Arousal Gel is formulated with natural, vegan ingredients to experience a back-arching orgasm.
JO All-In-One Massage Kit
The JO Couple's Massage Kit includes everything you need for an intimate moment. Set the mood with romantic tea lights, then melt away tension with a handheld massager and JO all-in-one massage glide. When your relaxation transitions into sensual pleasure
Phantom Cum Play
Bring your most erotic fantasies to life! This Phantom Cum Play by Bucked makes you the conductor of your own carnal fantasy.
Oh Yes Cooling Clitoral Stimulant
A new refreshing way to add new sensations to love button play with Oh Yes - a cooling clitoral stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
Handipop Handjob Massage Gel
Let your hands work their magic to give him a special lap massage he will never forget! This playful potion is also sweet to taste and turns him into your favorite piece of candy at the end of the message.
Pjur Med Sensitive Guide
Have play-time with yourself or with a toy, even if you have sensitive skin. This water based formula is made for those with highly sensitive skin. 
Wicked Teasers Lubettes
Sensual Care flavored lubricants are designed for all types of skin.  They're gluten free, vegan friendly, paraben free, and fully compatible with all condoms and toys.  They only use vegetable-based glycerin, and the added olive leaf extract acts as a na
Jo Prolonger Gel
Playtime just went into overtime! This Prolonger Gel is naturally formulated to safely desensitize an erection for longer lasting pleasure.
Oh Gee G-Spot Gel
Awaken your senses and delight your deepest desires with Oh Gee - a tingly g-spot stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
Oh My Warming Clitoral Stimulant
Ignite your senses and add new sensations to love button play with Oh My - a warming clitoral stimulant that will take you (and your orgasms) to new heights.
Cheeky Apples Glide
For the sweet-toothed players, Intimate Earth created their Cheeky Apples Glide for your oral pleasure.
12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant
Add a little spark back into your intimate moments. 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant arouses your clitoris to increase sensitivity, amplifying every touch and caress for a back-arching orgasm. 
Shunga Romantic Getaway Kit
Perfect for romantic getaways for lovers that are passionate about nature. Makes a great gift, or a good way to try out some Shunga products.
Cooling Arousal Balm - Wild Watermelon
Nipple play can be even more titillating! This cooling arousal balm in Wild Watermelon adds serious zip to play time.
Lay Me Linen Spray, by DONA
Add an irresistible invitation to your linens with DONA Linen Spray. Infused with invigorating pheromones and aphrodisiacs, just a few sprays will transform your bedroom into a playful boudoir.
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