Anal pleasure tips

Anal penetration is a commonly practiced form of sex. It can seem daunting, and taboo, however, anal can also be one of the most erotic experiences you can have. Don't fear - love your rear!

Anatomy of good anal

Anal is a fun, erotic sexual pastime for many. However, many people hear those words and cringe. There are many misconceptions about anal, so let us explain why it can be the best kind of playtime.






Pride Pleasure Plug
Show your colors and your pride! The Pride Pleasure Plug is a firm silicone plug that leaves you feeling pleasurably filled.
My Secret Remote Anal Plug
Whether you are a curious beginner or erotic expert, My Secret Remote Anal Plug is the toy you need to add to your pleasure chest.
Pride Power Play Plug
Enjoy an artisanally designed toy in your pleasure chest. The Pride Power Play Plug is designed after the Leather, Latex and BDSM Flag.
Pride Fluid Plug
Enjoy an artisanally designed toy in your pleasure chest. The Pride Fluid plug is designed after the Genderfluid/Genderflexible Flag.
Pride Beyond Plug
Enjoy an artisanally designed toy in your pleasure chest. The Pride Beyond plug is designed after the Genderqueer Flag.
Eternal P-Spot Massager
Give your prostate the attention it deserves. The Eternal P-Spot Massager is shaped for the most erotic prostate milking you'll experience.
The Gentle Prostate Massager
Get a massage where you need it most - the Gentle Prostate Massager is an anal plug that caresses your most erotic erogenous zones.
Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Massager
Customize your prostate pleasures with Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Massager. This silicone plug reaches your erogenous zones so you can reach nirvana!
The Emperor Prostate Massager
Take the beaded approach to prostate massager. The Emperor Prostate Massager is a vibrating anal massager with a remote for hands-free play so you can be more hands on!
The Great Prostate Massager
Perfect your prostate orgasm with The Great Prostate Massager. This tempting little toy comes with a remote control for hands-free play so you can be more hands-on.
Forever Anal Vibe
Enjoy the sensation of being filled with this Forever Anal Vibe. Ideal for the intermediate to advanced backdoor pros, the shape and vibrations produce earth-shattering orgasms.
The Queen Anal Vibe
Rule over your pleasure with The Queen Anal Vibe. This mini vibe is great for bashful beginners to erotic experts.
Booty Bounce Plug
Enjoy being filled by the Booty Bounce Plug. The bulbous head in combination with the textured supple silicone are designed with your pleasure in mind.
Mighty Mini Anal Plug
Robust pleasure in a tiny package - the Mighty Mini Anal Plug is what any bashful beginner or erotic expert needs in their pleasure collection.
Curly Q Vibrating Plug
This Curly Q will make your toes curl! New York Toy Collective's vibrating anal plug is designed for tantalizing anal stimulation and prostate massages. 
Saddle Vibrating Anal Plug
Take a seat for the ride of your life. New York Toy Collective's Saddle Vibrating Anal Plug is designed for optimal hands-free play so you can be more hands-on. 
Easy Anchor Anal Plug
It is so simple and easy, anyone from a bashful beginner to erotic expert can enjoy! The Easy Anchor Anal Plug's classic design will need to be a staple in anyone's toy chest.
Bubble Bootie Plug
For the tempted lover who enjoys backdoor play, take your anal adventures to the next level. New York Toy Collective made the Bubble Bootie for an anal bead experience in a convenient plug. 
Vibrating Gem Probe
A delightful, filling sensation that is also pleasurable to look at! This ultra soft anal probe is ideal for gentle backdoor play.
Thrusting Probe
Punch your ticket to ecstasy with this thrusting probe! This plug features powerful vibrations and intense stimulation with thrilling rotating, thrusting actions.
Beaded Probe
Massage your prostate to a gyrating rhythm that will set the pace! This soft anal probe is ideal for erotic backdoor play.
Ultra Soft Probe
Experience thrilling anal stimulation for the blushing beginner, erotic expert and everyone in between! This ultra soft anal probe is ideal for gentle backdoor play. 
Booty Call Groove Probe
This is going to be your favorite booty call! This pliable petite plug tapered tip is ideal for bashful beginners but elicits pleasure an erotic expert will love!
Booty Call Triple Probe
The Booty Call Triple Probe is triple the pleasure! The 3-tiered pliable plug is a unique hollow design for intense backdoor stimulation. 
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