Colours Dual Density Dildo
Soft like a lover's touch and strong enough to handle the most intense encounters. Colours came out with their latest line of dual density dildos in skin-tone shades.
Vibrating Strapless Strap-On
Enjoy strap-on play without the hassle of a harness. This Vibrating Strapless Strap-on is ideal for players who both enjoy intense vibrations and g-spot stimulation.  
King Cock 9-in Cock with Balls
These new King Cock vibrating dildos are the most realistic American-made cocks in the world! And now you can get one with a sexy pair of balls attached.
Playtime 5 Inch Dildo
Choose between reality and fantasy with New York Toy Collective's 5-inch Playtime Dildo. In both flesh-toned and bold colors, these dildos are for many players. 
Lovers Deep Ecstasy Rotator
There's something deeply erotic about intense internal sensation, which is why we are in love with Lovers Deep Ecstasy Rotator.
Grip Thruster
The bashful beginner who wants to explore g-spot stimulation needs to have the Grip Thurster in their pleasure chest. The curve in the toy elicits intense sensations.
Luminous Dildo
lluminate your darkest pleasures with this life like toy. This large luminous dildo has a unique glowing inner core that charges in the light for some added fun in the dark.
Colours Rainbow Dildo 5"
Show your pride with this girthy rainbow dildo that boasts 5" of insertable length. Made from high-grade silicone, the velvety smooth material plus realistic shape are made to satisfy, plus the suction base makes for easy play.
Everlaster Wishbone Brown
Whether you have difficulty in maintaining an erection, suffer from premature ejaculation  want to keep the action going after ejaculation, or extend your size,this Everlaster hollow strap-on is the perfect product.
Chakrubs Heart Slim
Experience the true essence of love with the Chakrubs Heart Slim. This rose quartz intimate massager reveals the beauty in yourself.
Ruse 18 Inch Double Dildo
Dare to explore! This 18 Inch Double Dildo is ideal for those who need extra length for better g-spot stimulation, explore double penetration, or have erotic partner play.
The Realistic Cock - 6 inch
Soft like a lover's touch and firm enough to handle the most vigorous playtime. The handcrafted detail of this 6-inch dildo makes for a life-like look and feel.
Shilo Dildo
A dildo you can both pack and play. New York Toy Collective's Shilo Dildo is flexible enough to pack discreetly throughout the day but can be ready for play at any time. 
SilexD 8.5 inch Silicone Dildo with Balls
Revel in the power and pleasure of the SilexD 8.5 inch Silicone Dildo with Balls. This dual density dong features layers of silicone for an unforgettable time.
C-Ringz Partner Double Penetrator
Double the pleasure, double the fun! You can enjoy the C-Ringz Partner Double Penetrator with the thrill of dual penetration without having to bringing in a third partner. 
Double Whammy Dildo
Double your pleasure with the Double Whammy Dildo. This flexible, slick rod bends to your needs of you and your lover, so you can have twice the fun!
ColourSoft 8" Dildo - Blue
Step up "me" time with this gratifyingly soft 8 inch dildo. Coloursoft Dildos are molded into realistic shapes with high-grade silicone to give the player a whole new level of experiences and feels.
Uprize Strap-On Harness
Explore a revolutionary new strap on sexual experience with the Uprize harness. This sleek and comfortable harness is a simple design that will hold your dildo in place.
Touch Glow Dildo
It looks and feels real - and glows in the dark! You'll love Touch Glow Dildo's supernatural radiance that you can keep track of when the lights are out.
Carter Dildo
Meet Shilo's big brother Carter - longer and girthier for your carnal desires. Featuring the same supple silicone and posable core as the Shilo, the Carter is designed for maximum g-spot and p-spot pleasure. 
Strap-On Starter Set - One Size
Want to fulfill your pegging fantasies, but don't like the hassle of a harness? Try the Strap-On Starter Set to satiate your wildest fantasies.
The Realistic Cock - 8 inch
Soft like a lover's touch and firm enough to handle the most vigorous playtime. The handcrafted detail of this 8-inch dildo makes for a life-like look and feel.
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