Wand Vibrator Forced Orgasm Belt
This unique harness is designed so your lover cannot escape wave after wave of overwhelming and uncontrollable orgasmic bliss.
Fleshlight Shower Mount
This suction-based, adjustable attachment lets you adhere your Fleshlight product securely to your shower wall for the best hands-free Fleshlight session you’ll ever experience.
Main Squeeze -Warming Accessory
Don't go in cold, let Doc Jonson's Main Squeeze Warming Accessory take your experience to new heights of realism. This handy device plugs into any USB device or charger port to power it on, and it completely heats the ULTRASKYN™ interior to safe, and oh-s
JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner - 1.7 oz
Take care of intimate items with JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner in this handy travel size. Simply apply a coating of foam to toy and leave on for 5-10 seconds before rinsing clean. This gentle and fast acting formula makes cleaning intimate toys easy and
The classic nerve stimulator is a rolling pinwheel of sharp little points made out of high quality material. The points are not sharp enough to puncture the skin unless excessive pressure is applied.
Inflatable Position Pillow
All of us have those positions we want to try, but just can't comfortably enjoy. Now you'll be able to unlock new positions and new pleasure with your partner!

The pillow's handles and angled shape ensure that you're supported through every movement,
Foam n' Fresh Toy Cleaner
Wicked Foam n' Fresh Toy Cleaner is anti-bacterial, but triclosan and alcohol-free. This super powered foam is enhanced with Olive leaf, Thyme and Lavender extracts, making it safe for all toy materials yet dangerous to germs. Skin safe.
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage Combo
Take your fellatio fantasy to a new level. The Quickshot Vantage Combo pack is the quintessential Fleshlight to use to change up solo play or foreplay.  
Main Squeeze - Suction Cup Accessory
Go hands free with this super strong lever-release suction cup that is specially designed to fit Main Squeeze's  screw-on end cap masturbators. It powerfully adheres to an non-porous surface and has a strong, adjustable arm that swivels and bends so you c
Dragon Tail Crop
Experience the tantalizing sting of a Dragons Tail or wear it. The narrowed tip of the tail gets those hard to reach places your typical paddle can't, which is excellent for impact play. 
Sutera Spray Toy Cleaner
 Use Sutera toy cleaner to remove unwanted bacteria, and dirt with its gentle cleansing action. Sutera Toy Cleaner works on all toy materials and is completely safe.
Sutera Foaming Toy Cleaner
Use Sutera toy cleaner to remove unwanted bacteria, and dirt with its gentle cleansing action. Sutera Toy Cleaner works on all toy materials and is completely safe. Nothing is more important to your toy than proper hygiene, and Sutera toy cleaner will kee
Fleshlight Fleshwash
Cleaning your Fleshlight and other sex toys has never been easier than with Fleshwash
Fleshlight Lube Water
Fleshlube water is the perfect companion for both the Fleshlight and use with a partner. This water-based lubricant is easy to clean, paraben-free, and are a great option for those with sensitive skin. 
Foaming Masturbator Toy Cleanser
Practice safer sex with Before & After Adult Toy Cleaner! Kill bacteria while keeping your toys fresh. This toy cleaner is nonirritating and safe to use when very delicate tissue is involved. Effectively sanitize all your favorite toys and help reduce the
Vibe Case
Not sure where to hide those precious things? Well, now you can stop looking! This is a keyless locking mechanism. Now you can protect yourself from curious minds.
Fleshlight Renewing Powder
By regularly using the Renewing Powder, you can keep your sleeve feeling like it did during your first Fleshlight experience.
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