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Bachelorette Party Favors Dueling Dickies
Whack ‘Em With Your Willy and Knock 'Em Silly! Choose a wanker for your weapon, blow it up, strap it on and get this sword fight started!
Penis Straws - Glow In The Dark
Vibrantly glowing straws in assorted colors! Hold under a bright light for 1-2 minutes, go into any dark room and add a little naughtiness to all of your favorite beverages.

These are great for adding laughs and fun to any bachelorette party!
Gum Job Oral Sex Gummy Covers
Give your partner the ultimate blowjob with with these oral sex gummies! These great tasting candy are easy to fit over any size teeth and taste delicious!
Bachelorette Party Crowns
The Bride-to-Be puts on her designated crown and assigns each of the other 5 out to her friends however she sees fit. She may reassign the other crowns at any time throughout the party.
Who Is The Biggest Slut Card Game
The hilarious drinking game of naughty confessions! Players answer over 550 questions about slutty things they've done in order to determine which one of them is the biggest slut!
Insulated Can Cover
These fun can covers are adorable gifts for a bridal shower or wedding. They make for adorable photos on the big day! 
Bachelorette's Bar Challenge Game
The bachelorette is assigned many challenges, like tying a cherry stem into a knot or receiving a lap dance from a stranger. When the bachelorette wins, she gets to assign shots to friends participating in the game.
Sperm Confetti
This sperm confetti is fun for just about any occasion.

A whole LOAD of fun! Fling it at someone you love, unload on your friends, use it with frosting on an adult cake, spooge on someone's desk, shock your in-laws, use in a two weeks notice, give yo
Sweet Ass Gummies
Add this to your list of party essentials! These gummies are delicious and everyone at your party will appreciate this hilarious treat.
Girls Night Shot Glass Set
Have a toast, or several, with this cute shot glass set for a bachelorette party to remember.
Team Bride Shades
Show your support for the bride with these Team Bride shades. These printed glasses don't obscure your vision and you can select from a few different colors. 
Team Bride Confetti
Make your bachelorette party sparkle and shine with this three-pack of confetti.
Team Bride Sash
Get your bridal party in a celebratory mood with this 6-pack set of "Team Bride" sashes. These light pink sashes are a fun way to outfit the bridal party for a night on the town!
Bride Knee Socks
The bride-to-be can strut her stuff in these sassy bride knee socks. Featuring an attached veil, these socks are a perfect feature for your bachelorette party ensemble!
Tank Top Team Bride - L/XL
Let everyone know whose side you're on! Show the bride you're her number one fan at the bachelorette party with this Team Bride tank top.
Bachelorette Party Ribbons
6 fun and colorful ribbons for the Bride-to-Be and friends to wear throughout the evening at a party! Each ribbon includes a unique title on the front side,  and an adhesive pad on their reverse-side.
Prosecco Pong Games
Crack open some bubbly and play this party essential. This kit will get your party started - but with some class.
Sassy Bride Garter Flask
Keep the party going all day (and night) long! The soft, silky pink garter belt tucks it away discreetly so you can take your favorite drink wherever you go!
Tank Top Team Bride - S/M
Let everyone know whose side you're on! Show the bride you're her number one fan at the bachelorette party with this Team Bride tank top.